Psalm 10 (Sunday (Sunday and Wednesday during Great Lent))

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Psalm 10 (Kathisma 2)

Read on Sunday (Sunday and Wednesday during Great Lent)

For the End: A Psalm of David.

(Psalm 11- Hebrew Numbering)

In the Lord have I hoped; how will ye say to my soul: Flee unto the mountains like a sparrow?
For behold, the sinners have bent their bow, they have prepared arrows for the quiver, to shoot down in a moonless night the upright of heart.
For what Thou hast formed they have destroyed; and the righteous man, what hath he done?
The Lord is in His holy temple; the Lord, in heaven is His throne; His eyes are set upon the poor man, His eyelids examine the sons of men.
The Lord examineth the righteous man and the ungodly; but he that loveth unrighteousness hateth his own soul.
He will rain down snares upon sinners; fire and brimstone and wind of tempest shall be the portion of their cup.
For the Lord is righteous and hath loved righteousness; upon uprightness hath His countenance looked.