Scripture Readings - Joel

This book was written by a Prophet, Joel, the son of Pethuel, who lived in Judah during the Persian period, probably from 400-350 B.C. He views a locust plague which ravished the country as God’s punishment on His people and called them to repentance (Ch. 1-2:27) and using this catastrophe as a dire warning, went on to depict the coming of the Day of the Lord and its final judgment and blessings (Ch. 2:28-3:21), which constitutes the second major division of this book.

Reading Read Time Hit Count
Joel 2:12-26 (Wednesday before Lent 6th Hour) 2 mins 6421
Joel 2:23-32 (Pentecost Vespers) 2 mins 4730
Joel 2:28-32 (Vespers, Saint John of Kronstadt) 1 min 3805
Joel 2:28-32 (Vespers, Wednesday before lent) 1 min 4808