Prayers of the Church - Text of Prayers

In the Orthodox Church it is said that we pray what we believe and believe what we pray. The text of our written prayers not only help with our communion with God through words of praise, thanksgiving, repentance, supplication, and intercession, but also brings to remembrance the Gospel message of Christ, the Apostolic teachings, and our faith.
This part of our website gives the text of some of the prayers of the Orthodox Church.
The publication of such prayers does not limit the free expression of the Christian soul to the Creator, the Most-holy Theotokos and the Saints. On the contrary, by reading these prayers one can learn how to pray. They become models for our own, personal prayers. Often, we would like to pray but, distracted by the world around us, or troubled by fear or sorrow, we do not even know how to begin. We then begin with the a prayerbook and find that not only much of what we wanted to say is included in the prayers of the fathers, but that afterwards, we find words of our own to continue the outpouring of our soul.

Prayer Read Time Hit Count
Petition – Egyptian crisis - 2513
Evening Prayers (longer rule) 12 mins 4216
Morning Prayers (longer rule) 15 mins 6285
Prayer of St. Philaret of Moscow 1 min 12588
Daily Troparia and Kontakia (hymns) 3 mins 14449
Thank You, O Lord! 2 mins 3205
Dismissals 9 mins 4829
Great Doxology 2 mins 4713
Prayer in Time of Storms 1 min 5361
Lord Bless My Enemies 3 mins 4464
Prayer for the People of Japan 1 min 3282
Prayer to St Herman of Alaska 2 mins 4019
Prayer for General Intercession 2 mins 8267
Prayer for September 11th 3 mins 4259
Lesser Doxology 2 mins 5363
Prayer at the Icon of the Theotokos - 5215
Prayer at the Icon of Christ - 4302
Prayer Upon Entering a Church 1 min 10810
Kneeling Prayers at Pentecost Vespers (3) 8 mins 8021
Kneeling Prayers at Pentecost Vespers (2) 4 mins 6397
Kneeling Prayers at Pentecost Vespers (1) 4 mins 12644
Prayer when One is About to Take up Abode in a New House 1 min 5179
Prayer at the Founding of a House 1 min 4779
Prayer after the Departing of the Soul 1 min 5722