Prayer for the People of Japan

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Prayer for the People of Japan

Almighty Lord, You Who are most merciful and compassionate, we beseech You to calm the earth and waters and bring peace and healing to all those who are suffering from the devastating earthquake in Japan.

Grant them Your strength to endure the hardships they are facing and the courage to rebuild their country.

We also ask, O Lord, that you grant eternal repose to all those who have lost their lives and receive them into Your Kingdom.

May You stretch forth Your mighty hand upon their families who are suffering not only at the loss of their loved ones, but for the loss of their homes and homeland.

You, O Lord, are the calm of every storm and You are the Hope for all those who call upon Your name, and to You we ascribe glory, together with Your eternal Father, and Your All-Holy, Good, and Lifecreating Spirit, now and ever, and to the ages of ages.