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Articles about the Orthodox Church
This section of our website, is a collection of articles about the Orthodox Church. We hope the articles in this section will be helpful to inquires of Orthodoxy, Catechumens, and to those who are members of the Church.
Good starting points would be:

The Orthodox Church: An Introduction
Meeting The Orthodox
What is the Orthodox Church?
Sources of Christian Doctrine
A Pastoral Letter on the Occasion of the Third Christian Millennium (a re-telling of the Good Nehttp:/articles/pastoral-letter-of-scoba-hierarchs/ws of God’s love for us)

Article Read Time Hit Count Written by
A Time of Crisis and Opportunity 22 mins 4753 Metropolitan Jonah
A Time of Crisis and Opportunity: Part II 24 mins 4423 Metropolitan Jonah
Approaching the Nativity 5 mins 5510 Fr. John Behr
ARCHPASTORAL LETTER FOR THE GREAT FAST 2014 5 mins 3557 Bishop Michael
Bells and Russian Orthodox Peals 25 mins 8974 Fr. Seraphim Slobodskoy
Bible – Holy Tradition 3 mins 4407 Fr. Thomas Hopko
Brief Catechism 66 mins 12623 Fr. Basil J. Repella
Candles and Their Symbolism 6 mins 4218 A monk of St. Tikhon's Monastery
Canons – Holy Tradition 3 mins 3931 Fr. Thomas Hopko
Christian Dogma and Defending God’s Truth 6 mins 4436 Archbishop Dmitri of Dallas
Christian Life 4 mins 3888 Fr. Seraphim Slobodskoy
Church’s Belief in Guardian Angels 5 mins 3877 Fr. Patrick Reardon
Concerning Monasticism and Monasteries 10 mins 5044 Fr. Seraphim Slobodskoy
Concerning the Date of Pascha and the First Ecumenical Council 14 mins 5715 Archbishop Peter L?Huillier
Death – Orthodox Spirituality 7 mins 5654 Fr. Thomas Hopko
Death and the Toll House Contraversy 22 mins 9298 Deacon Andrew Werbiansky
Ecclesiological notes 11 mins 2898 Fr. Alexander Schmemann
Episcopal Assembly issues message 5 mins 3207 OCA release
Episcopal Assembly, and Beyond 10 mins 3458 Metropolitan Jonah
Exposition of the Orthodox Faith – Book I 62 mins 6687 St. John of Damascus
Exposition of the Orthodox Faith – Book II 106 mins 10554 St. John of Damascus
Fifty Five Maxims 6 mins 6009 Fr. Thomas Hopko
God in Trinity 13 mins 5148 Bishop Kallistos
Gospel parables, an Orthodox commentary 215 mins 16014 Fr. Victor Potapov