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Articles about the Orthodox Church
This section of our website, is a collection of articles about the Orthodox Church. We hope the articles in this section will be helpful to inquires of Orthodoxy, Catechumens, and to those who are members of the Church.
Good starting points would be:

The Orthodox Church: An Introduction
Meeting The Orthodox
What is the Orthodox Church?
Sources of Christian Doctrine
A Pastoral Letter on the Occasion of the Third Christian Millennium (a re-telling of the Good Nehttp:/articles/pastoral-letter-of-scoba-hierarchs/ws of God’s love for us)

Article Read Time Hit Count Written by
Great Lent – A Time to Regain Our “Birthright of Beauty” 9 mins 17135 Bishop Michael
Guidance to the Repentant 29 mins 9849 Bishop Alexander (Mileant)
Heaven and Hell in the Afterlife According to the Bible 51 mins 25469 Peter Chopelas
Holy Tradition 4 mins 5278 Fr. Thomas Hopko
Holy Tradition: The Source of the Orthodox Faith 21 mins 10065 Bishop Kallistos Ware
How can I know God as God really is? 4 mins 5949 Fr. Thomas Hopko
How to Read the Bible 26 mins 13347 Bishop Kallistos of Diokleia
Hymn to the Lesser Good 5 mins 3932 Archbishop John (Shahovskoy)
Infant Baptism in the Orthodox Church 39 mins 9020 Fr. Kaleeg Hainsworth
Interview with Bp. Michael about Episcopal Assembly 14 mins 3028 Diocese of NY and NJ
Life After Death 33 mins 4921 St. John Maximovitch
Meeting The Orthodox 40 mins 11756 Fr. Thomas Hopko
On Marriage, Family, Sexuality, and the Sanctity of Life 22 mins 8626 Holy Synod of Bishops OCA
On Repentance 2 mins 3516 St. John Climacus
Orthodox Spirituality 30 mins 7805 Fr. Thomas Hopko
Our Time, Talent, and Treasure 6 mins 4212 Bishop Michael
Pastoral Letter – OCA, Autocephy 5 mins 3851 HOLY SYNOD OCA
Pastoral Letter of SCOBA Hierarchs 98 mins 10998 SCOBA
Reasons for Secret Liturgical Prayers 13 mins 5411 A. Golubtsov
Resurrection of the dead 12 mins 4823 Fr. Seraphim Slobodskoy
Rising Victorious 6 mins 5134 Frederica Mathewes-Green
Short Summaries of the Ecumenical Councils 9 mins 14383 Fr. Seraphim Slobodskoy
Sickness – Orthodox Spirituality 6 mins 4765 Fr. Thomas Hopko
Sources of Christian Doctrine 6 mins 7669 Fr. Thomas Hopko