Prayers of the Church - Text of Prayers

In the Orthodox Church it is said that we pray what we believe and believe what we pray. The text of our written prayers not only help with our communion with God through words of praise, thanksgiving, repentance, supplication, and intercession, but also brings to remembrance the Gospel message of Christ, the Apostolic teachings, and our faith.
This part of our website gives the text of some of the prayers of the Orthodox Church.
The publication of such prayers does not limit the free expression of the Christian soul to the Creator, the Most-holy Theotokos and the Saints. On the contrary, by reading these prayers one can learn how to pray. They become models for our own, personal prayers. Often, we would like to pray but, distracted by the world around us, or troubled by fear or sorrow, we do not even know how to begin. We then begin with the a prayerbook and find that not only much of what we wanted to say is included in the prayers of the fathers, but that afterwards, we find words of our own to continue the outpouring of our soul.

Prayer Read Time Hit Count
Prayer at the Departing of the Soul 1 min 11262
Parents’ Prayer at the Death of a Child 2 mins 12512
Prayer at the Death of a Spouse 1 min 14056
Prayer at the Death of a Parent 1 min 13834
Prayer in Preparation for Death 1 min 6048
Prayer for One Terminally Ill 1 min 17412
Prayer for When Sickness Increases 2 mins 5699
Anaphora Prayer (St Basil) 13 mins 12281
Brightweek Prayers 3 mins 8647
Trisagion Prayers 2 mins 14831
Psalm 142 (143) – A Prayer of Confidence in the Lord 1 min 8198
Psalm 69 (70) – A Prayer for Remembrance 1 min 6791
Prayer of the Righteous Simeon - 13258
Psalm 148 – Praise the Lord 1 min 5110
Psalm 102 (103) – Bless the LORD, O my soul 2 mins 20916
Justinian’s Hymn - 9221
Prayer to the Most-holy Theotokos, Joy of all the Sorrowful 1 min 11221
Prayer for the Acceptance of God’s Will 1 min 10469
Prayer for Lessons - 5408
Prayer at Confession Before Your Spiritual Father 1 min 7819
Prayer to the Holy Spirit - 5741
Lord’s Prayer - 8377
Prayer for the Living 2 mins 4276
Prayer for one’s Enemies 1 min 5581