Prayer at the Death of a Parent

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Prayer at the Death of a Parent

O Lord,
You heard Joseph grieving over the death of his father, Jacob,
as he wept and kissed him.

Your own Son, our Lord Jesus Christ,
also knew the love of a mother,
for as He suffered upon the cross,
He beheld his Mother and the disciple whom He loved standing near her,
and He said: Woman, behold your son.
And to the disciple, He said: Behold your mother.

Good Master,
look down from heaven and see the pain and grief which have laid hold of my heart and soul today.

Be merciful to me, Your servant,
and receive the prayer which is offered to You by a child who has lost his (her) beloved father (mother).

Forgive whatever sins he (she) has willingly or unwillingly committed,
whether of word, deed or thought.

Merciful Master,
hear the grieving voice of one who has been taught by his (her) father (mother)
to turn to You with true faith in times of need,
and to raise my eyes and voice to You.

Show Your mercy, O Lord, and grant rest to my father (mother),
making him (her) a partaker of Your eternal blessings and granting him (her) a place at Your right hand,
for blessed and glorified are You unto all ages. Amen.