Scripture Readings - I Peter

I Peter
The first letter of Peter was written to give encouragement and hope to Christians in the northern part of Asia Minor, who were undergoing persecution (ca. 64 A.D.). The congregations, mainly of Gentile converts (1:14; 2:10; 4:3), are urged not to be surprised at the fiery ordeal which has come upon them. They are to rejoice in their trials, knowing that they share them with their brotherhood throughout the world (5:9). By participating in the sufferings of Christ (4:13), they will demonstrate the genuineness of their faith (1:6,7). This letter was written from Babylon (Rome 5:13) during the time of the persecutions of Nero.

Reading Read Time Hit Count
I Peter 1:1-2;10-12;2:6-10 (32nd Friday after Pentecost) 2 mins 4261
I Peter 1:1-2:6 (Apostle Andrew, Vespers) 4 mins 4234
I Peter 1:3-9 (Vespers, Apostles) 1 min 4521
I Peter 1:13-19 (Vespers, Apostles) 1 min 4400
I Peter 2:11-24 (Vespers, Apostles) 2 mins 4762
I Peter 2:21-3:9 (33rd Monday after Pentecost) 2 mins 3434
I Peter 3:10-22 (33rd Tuesday after Pentecost) 2 mins 2380
I Peter 4:1-11 (33rd Wednesday after Pentecost) 1 min 3781
I Peter 4:12-5:5 (33rd Thursday after Pentecost) 2 mins 2581
I Peter 5:6-14 (Saint Mark) 1 min 4049