Scripture Readings - II Timothy

II Timothy
The second letter to Timothy is an earnest pastoral letter from a veteran missionary to a younger colleague, urging endurance as the main quality of a preacher of the Gospel. Here we encounter the theme of a good soldier of Christ (2:3) as well as words concerning the apostasy of the last days (3:1-9), the inspiration of the Scriptures (3:16), and the crown of righteousness (4:8). The letter was written when Paul was probably facing certain martyrdom.

Reading Read Time Hit Count
II Timothy 1:1-2; 8-18 (27th Friday after Pentecost) 2 mins 3901
II Timothy 2:1-10 (St. Demetrius) 1 min 6478
II Timothy 2:11-19 (33rd Saturday after Pentecost) 1 min 2907
II Timothy 2:20-26 (28th Monday after Pentecost) 1 min 4256
II Timothy 3:1-9 (Saturday after the Publican and the Pharisee) 1 min 5635
II Timothy 3:10-15 (4th Sunday before lent) 1 min 5922
II Timothy 3:16-4:4 (28th Tuesday after Pentecost) 1 min 4779
II Timothy 4:5-8 (Sunday before Theophany) - 5768
II Timothy 4:9-22 (28th Wednesday after Pentecost) 1 min 3927