Scripture Readings - James

This letter is purported to have been written by James, the brother of the Lord and head of the Church at Jerusalem, to Jewish Christians in the diaspora. He assumes knowledge of the Gospel on the part of his readers and is concerned to remind them how Christians ought to live. In this letter, James makes the famous assertion that faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead (2:15). In addition, he speaks eloquently concerning the use of the tongue for good and evil (3:1-12), as well as prayer for the sick (5:13-16). This text is used by the Orthodox Church concerning the Mystery of Holy Unction or the Anointing of the Sick.

Reading Read Time Hit Count
James 1:1-12 (Vespers, Apostle) 1 min 4124
James 1:1-18 (31st Wednesday after Pentecost) 2 mins 3916
James 1:13-27 (Vespers, Apostle) 2 mins 4238
James 2:1-13 (31st Friday after Pentecost) 1 min 3933
James 2:14-26 (32nd Monday after Pentecost) 1 min 3933
James 3:1-10 (32nd Tuesday after Pentecost) 1 min 3917
James 3:11-4:6 (32nd Wednesday after Pentecost) 2 mins 4383
James 4:7-5:9 (32nd Thursday after Pentecost) 2 mins 3999
James 5:10-16 (For the Sick and In Times of Drought) 1 min 4417
James 5:10-20 (Prophet Elijah) 2 mins 3868