Scripture Readings - Joshua

Joshua (Jesus Navi)
The book of Joshua is the story of the Conquest of the Promised Land. The story opens with the passage of the Jordan River and the sack of Jericho (Ch. 1-6); it then tells how the Hebrew armies moved from the Jordan Valley up into the highlands to conquer Ai (Ch. 7-8) and, through a humorous deception, to become unwilling allies of the Gibeonites (Ch. 9). This led to a great battle with the chieftains of five other Canaanite cities and the conquest of the South (Ch. 10). A final engagement in the North resulted in the complete destruction of Canaanite power in Palestine (Ch. 11).
Following a brief summary of Joshua’s triumphs (Ch. 12), the book describes the division of the land among the several tribes (Ch. 13-23) and how Israel entered into a Covenant to serve forever the God Whose might had been so awesomely demonstrated (Ch. 24).

Reading Read Time Hit Count
Joshua 3:7-8;15-17 (Eve of the Theophany) 1 min 6767
Joshua 5:10-15 (Holy Saturday Vespers) 1 min 4734
Joshua 5:13-15 (Bodiless Powers) 1 min 4957