Scripture Readings - Jude

This letter, written about 80 A.D., by Jude, the brother of James and the Lord, was set forth to warn against false teachers (Gnostics) who had made their way into the Church, characterized here as being immoral (vs. 4, 7,16) and covetous (vs. 11,16), and rejecting authority (vs. 8,11). They are grumblers, malcontents, and loud-mouthed boosters (vs. 16), worldly people, devoid of the Spirit (vs. 19). Because of their lack of brotherly love (vs. 12), it is not surprising that they create division in the congregations (vs. 19). For their actions, they will experience God’s judgment (vs. 5-7).

Reading Read Time Hit Count
Jude 1:1-7; 17-25 (Apostle and Evangelist Luke) 2 mins 2833
Jude 1:1-10 (Tuesday before Lent) 2 mins 5048
Jude 11-16 (Vespers, Apostle Jude) 1 min 3650
Jude 1:11-25 (Thursday before Lent) 2 mins 4725
Jude 1:17-25 (Vespers, Apostle Jude) 1 min 3798