Scripture Readings - Job

The book of Job is concerned with the problem of suffering in the world. It does not attempt to explain the mystery of suffering or to justify the ways of God with men, but rather aims to probe the depths of faith in spite of suffering. It is the story of a righteous man, Job, who loses everything in the material and physical sense, but who maintains his faith in God despite his personal sufferings. The Church sees here a parallel between Job and Christ.
The book can be divided into eight parts: 1) Prologue (Ch. 1-2); 2) 1st Cycle of Speeches (Ch. 3-14); 3) 2nd Cycle of Speeches (Ch. 15-21); 4) 3rd Cycle of Speeches (Ch. 22-28); 5) Job’s final summary of his case (Ch. 29-31); 6) Elihu’s speeches (Ch. 32-37); 7) God’s speeches (Ch. 38-42:6); and 8) an Epilogue (Ch. 42:7-20). [We note that the last three verses are found only in the Orthodox Bibles (LXX).]

Reading Read Time Hit Count
Job 1:1-12 (Holy Monday Vespers) 2 mins 4449
Job 1:13-22 (Holy Tuesday – Vespers) 1 min 4207
Job 2:1-10 (Holy Wednesday – Vespers) 1 min 4096
Job 38:1-23;42:1-5 (Holy Thursday Vespers) 2 mins 5163
Job 42:12-16 (Holy Friday Vespers) 1 min 4439