Jeremiah 2:2-12 (Vespers, Great Martyr Demetrios Myrovlitis of Thessalonika)

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Jeremiah 2:2-12  (Vespers, Great Martyr Demetrios Myrovlitis of Thessalonika)


Thus says the Lord: I have remem­bered the mercy of your youth and the love of your marriage, in your following the Holy One of Israel, says the Lord, the Holy One of Israel. For the Lord the first of his produce. All that devour him shall offend; evils will come upon them, says the Lord. Hear the word of the Lord, house of Jacob and all the fam­ily of the house of Israel. Thus says the Lord: What offence did your fathers find in me, that they rebelled far from me and went after vanities and became vain? Nor did they say: Where is the Lord, who brought us up from Egypt, who guided us in the wilderness, in a vast and trackless land, in a waterless and fruitless land, and in the shadow of death? In a land in which no man had ever journeyed, nor had any human dwelt there? And I led you into Car­mel, to eat its fruits and its good things. And you entered and defiled my land, and you turned my inherit­ance into an abomination. Your priests did not say: Where is the Lord? And those who stood by the law did not know me, and the shepherds sinned against me, and the prophets prophesied by Baal and went after what is profitless. Therefore I will dispute with you again, says the Lord, and I will dispute with your child­ren’s children. Pass through the isles of the Kittim and see; send to Kedar and observe closely, and see if such things have been done; if the nations will change their gods – and they are not gods. But my people has changed their glory for that from which they get no profit. Heaven is amazed at this and shudders greatly with horror, says the Lord.