Scripture Readings - Old Testament Readings

Old Testament
The Old Testament is the first part of the Bible, the books written before the coming of Christ. They are divided into four groups: 1. Books of the Law; 2. Historical Books; 3. Doctrinal and 4. Prophetical.
The Old Testament scripture begins with the five books of the Law called the Pentateuch, which means the five books; also called the Torah, which means the Law. Sometimes these books are also called the Books of Moses since they are centered on the exodus and the Mosaic laws.
In the Old Testament there are also books of the history of Israel; books called the Wisdom books such as the Psalms, Proverbs, and the Book of Job; and books of the prophecies which carry the names of the Old Testament prophets. A prophet is one who speaks the Word of God by direct divine inspiration. Only secondarily does the word prophet mean one who foretells the future.
The Orthodox Church also numbers among the genuine books of the Old Testament the so-called apocryphal books, meaning literally the secret or hidden writings. Other Christians put these books in a secondary place or reject completely their being of divine inspiration.

Reading Read Time Hit Count
Psalm 142 (Great Compline, Small Compline, Matins, Six Psalms 6th, Unction Service, others) 1 min 7681
Psalm 144 (Consecration of a church, Service of the Refectory) 2 mins 6859
Psalm 145:9, 1 (Sunday Matins Prokeimenon, Eighth Tone) - 4708
Psalm 145 (Typica, Divine Liturgy, Second Sunday antiphon) 1 min 6643
Psalm 146:5, 1 (Prokeimenon Tone 3, for the Indiction) - 3124
Psalm 148:1 (Communion Hymn) - 4086
Psalm 148 (Matins, Praises) 1 min 6817
Psalm 149 (Matins, Praises) 1 min 5018
Psalm 150 (Matins, Praises) - 5689