Scripture Readings - Isaiah

The Prophet Isaiah proclaimed his message to Judah and Jerusalem between 742 and 687 B.C., when the Northern Kingdom was conquered by Assyria and Judah lived uneasily in its shadow. Isaiah attacks social injustice which shows Israel’s weak adherence to God’s laws. He exhorts the people to place their confidence in the Almighty (Omnipotent) God and to lead private and public lives which demonstrate this.
In Chapters 40-66, this theme is extended further and the author demonstrates the significance of historical events in God’s plan, which extends from Creation to Redemption and beyond. In this section we find the beautiful Suffering Servant oracles, referring to the Messiah our Lord Jesus Christ.
The book of the Prophet Isaiah has always been held in highest esteem by the Orthodox Church, and is quoted and used above all other prophetic books of the Old Testament in her liturgical life. This is especially evident during the Great Lent when it is read every day at the service of the Sixth Hour.

Reading Read Time Hit Count
Isaiah 65:8-17 (6th Thursday of Lent) 2 mins 4206
Isaiah 66:10-24 (6th Friday of Lent) 2 mins 4280
Isaiah – Composite of 19:1, 3, 4-5, 12, 16, 19-21 (Vespers- Meeting of Our Lord) 1 min 4052
Isaiah – Composite of 40, 41, 45, 48, 54 (Vespers, Forerunner) 1 min 6321