Scripture Readings - Acts

Acts of the Apostles

The Acts of the Apostles is a book of the Holy Bible that is usually placed as the fifth book in the New Testament. In the church it is the first book of the Apostol. It is commonly referred to as simply Acts.
Acts tells the story of the Early Christian Church, and the works of the Holy Spirit, with particular emphasis on the ministry of the Twelve Apostles and of Apostle Paul. The early chapters, set in Jerusalem discuss Jesus’ Resurrection, his Ascension, the Day of Pentecost, and the beginning of the ministry of the Twelve Apostles. The later chapters discuss Paul’s conversion, his ministry, and finally his arrest, imprisonment, and trip to Rome.
It is read liturgically, as an Apostolic Reading, from Pascha to Pentecost. It is also the custom of the Church to read the book of Acts over the tomb of Christ on Holy Friday and Saturday, and over the body of a deceased priest at the wake prior to his burial.

Reading Read Time Hit Count
Acts 21:1-7 (For Travelers by Air or Sea) 1 min 3594
Acts 21:8-14 (7th Monday after Pascha) 1 min 4631
Acts 21:26-32 (7th Tuesday after Pascha) 1 min 4100
Acts 23:1-11 (7th Wednesday after Pascha) 2 mins 4104
Acts 25:13-19 (7th Thursday after Pascha) 1 min 3806
Acts 26:1-5,12-20 (Saints) 2 mins 3995
Acts 27:1-44;28:1 (7th Friday after Pascha) 5 mins 4132
Acts 28:1-31 (7th Saturday after Pascha) 4 mins 5280