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NAMES OF JESUS – (Appellations or title of Jesus)  Advocate, Almighty, Alpha And Omega, Amen, Anointed, Arm Of The Lord, Author And Finisher Of Our Faith, Beginning And End, Beloved, Blessed And Potentete, Branch, Bread Of Life, Bridegroom, Bright And Morning Star, Brightness Of The Father’s Glory, Captain Of Salvation, Captain Of The Lord’s Host, Carpenter, Carpenter’s Son, Chief Cornerstone, Chief Shepherd, Chiefest Among Ten Thousand, Child, Chosen Of God, Commander, Consolation Of Israel, Covenant Of The People, David, Day Star, Daysman, Dayspring, Deliverer, Desire Of All Nations, The Door, Elect, Emmanuel, Ensign, Eternal Life, Everlasting Father, True Witness, Finisher Of Faith, First And Last, First Begotton, Firstborn, Forerunner, Foundation, Friend Of Sinners, Gift Of God, Glory Of Israel, Good Master, Governor, Heir Of All Things, High Priest, Holy One, Holy Thing, I Am, Immanuel, Incarnate, Jesus Christ, Judge, Just Man, King, Lamb Of God, Last Adam, Lawgiver, Leader, Life, Light, Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah, Living Bread, Living Stone, Lord, Man Christ Jesus, Man Of Sorrows, Master, Mediator, Messenger Of The Covenant, Messiah, Mighty God, Minister Of The Sanctuary, Most Holy, Most Mighty, Nazarene, Nestorianism, Offspring Of David, Only Begotten, Overseer, Our Passover, Physician, Plant Of Renown, Potentate, Power Of God, Precious Cornerstone, Priest, Prince, Prophet, Propitiation, Rabbi, Rabboni, Ransom, Redeemer, Redemption, Resurrection And The Life, Righteousness, Rock, Root Of Jesse, Ghtrose Of Sharon, Ruler In Israel, Salvation, Sanctification, Sanctuary, Saviour, Sceptre, Second Man, Seed Of David, Seed Of Woman, Servant, Shepherd, Shiloh, Son Of God, Son Of The Blessed One, Son Of The Father, Stone, Sun Of Righteousness, Sure Foundation, Surety, Teacher, True God, True Vine, Truth, Unspeakable Gift, Very Christ, The Way, Which Is, Wisdom, Witness, Wonderful, Word Of God