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MARK – (Gospel of St. Mark) – This Gospel is generally believed to have been the first written of the Gospels. Ancient tradition ascribes it to John Mark (Acts 12:12; 15:37), who composed it at Rome as a summary of Peter’s witness. This Gospel is primarily a collection of narratives depicting Jesus as being constantly active (Mark uses the word immediately about forty times in sixteen chapters), characterizing Him as the Son of God (1:1,11; 5:7; 9:7; 14:61-62; 15:39), Whose ministry was signified by a succession of mighty works which, to those who had eyes to see, were signs of the presence of God’s power and kingdom.

The Gospel of St. Mark is read liturgically during the Lenten period on Saturdays and Sundays with the exception of the Sunday of Orthodoxy.

From the Monday of the 12th Week after Pentecost, the Gospel according to Mark is read sequentially on weekdays through the Friday before the Elevation of the Holy Cross (Friday before September 14).

The Gospel of St. Luke is read liturgically for nineteen weeks beginning on the Monday after the Elevation of the Holy Cross. From the thirteenth week, it is only read on Saturdays and Sundays, while St. Mark’s Gospel is read on the remaining weekdays through Friday of Meatfare Week.