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FEAST – A special day set apart for the liturgical commemoration of some saint, some event in the life of Christ, or in the life of the All Holy Virgin Mary. Feasts are classified as (a) immovable, which occur on fixed days, and movable, which depend on the date of Easter (Ascension, Pentecost) ; (b) Major (primary) and minor or secondary. (c) Pascal Feast (Easter Sunday), commemorating the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is the Feast of Feasts.

After the Feast of Feasts, There are Twelve Major Feasts:

  1. Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ   December 25
  2. Theophany Baptism of our Lord   January 6
  3. Transfiguration of our Lord   August 6
  4. Entrance into Jerusalem   Palm Sunday (movable) Sunday before Easter
  5. Ascension (movable)  40 days after Easter
  6. Pentecost  (movable)   10 days after Ascension
  7. Exaltation of the Life-Giving Cross  September 14
  8. Nativity of the All-Holy Virgin   September 8
  9. Presentation in the Temple November 21
  10. Annunciation   March 25
  11. Meeting our Lord (by St. Simeon)   February 2
  12. Dormition of  the Most  Holy Virgin   August 15