Holy Relics in our church

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Holy Relics that rest in our church

On this page, will list the saints whose Holy Relics rest, or once reasted in our church.

Through the prayers of your Holy Saints, Lord Jesus Christ our God, Have mercy upon us and save us!

About Holy Relics:

In the reliquary pictured above, are resting the holy relics of:
Top row,

Center row,https://churchmotherofgod.org/articles/euphrosyne-abbess-of-polotsk/

Bottom  row,

In addition to the reliquary,

  • Relics of our venerable father, Herman of Alaska,  are sewn into the Antimins  used on the Altar table of our church. (August 9 and December 13)
  • Relics of Hieromartyr Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev still rest in an Icon, in the vestibule of our Church  – (Sunday closest to January 25)

(feast dates are listed also)