Articles List:

Article Read Time Hit Count Written by
Holy Relics in our church 3 mins 7488
Akathist to the Theotokos, Joy of All Who Sorrow 20 mins 28159 The Church
Brief Catechism 66 mins 12605 Fr. Basil J. Repella
Great Blessing Of Water 8 mins 14083 Fr. Thomas Hopko
How to Read the Bible 26 mins 13355 Bishop Kallistos of Diokleia
Lenten Prayer of St. Ephrem the Syrian 8 mins 11198 Fr. Alexander Schmemann
About the Patron of our Parish 13 mins 29646 Helen Creticos Theodoropoulos
Pastoral Letter of SCOBA Hierarchs 98 mins 11008 SCOBA
Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts 5 mins 13173 Fr. Thomas Hopko
Great Lent – Its Meaning For Orthodox Christians 21 mins 23069 Fr. Alexander Schmemann
Holy Week 54 mins 27220 Fr. Alexander Schmemann
Where Do We Go from Here? 19 mins 4323 Metropolitan Jonah
A Time of Crisis and Opportunity 22 mins 4742 Metropolitan Jonah
Notes On The Jesus Prayer 3 mins 6052 Fr. Artemy Vladimirov
The Truth of Orthodoxy 18 mins 4251 Nicholas A. Berdyaev
Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev 5 mins 6986
Spiritual Beauty of Icons 4 mins 5018 Fr. Joseph Frawley
Words and Music in Orthodox Liturgical Worship 18 mins 6443 Prof. David Drillock
Holy Thursday – Twelve Gospels 17 mins 24340 Fr. Paul Lazor
The Paschal Service 8 mins 15199 Fr. Paul Lazor
The Feast of Palms 7 mins 11555 Fr. Paul Lazor
Icon of the Resurrection of Christ 2 mins 7139
Icon of the Second Coming 1 min 6191
Icon of the Dormition 6 mins 8838 Fr. Thomas Hopko