Terminology - Glossary I

Term Definition

INTRODUCTORY PSALM – Psalm 103 (104), “Bless the Lord, O my soul,” which begins Vespers and, thereby, the liturgical cycle of each new day


INVISIBLE – the word “invisible” in the Creed is meant the unseen, or Spiritual World, to which the Angels belong.


IRMOLOGION – This gives the text of the Irmoi sung at the beginning of the various Canticles of the Canon.


IRMOS – a word meaning “link” in Greek. The Irmos is the theme-song and the first hymn of each ode of a Canon. It has a double function: it “links” the ode thematically with the Biblical canticle which serves as its prototype, and, by establishing the meter and melody for all the other hymns (troparia)… Read More


ISAIAH – One of the books known as the prophetical books of the Old Testament. The Prophet Isaiah proclaimed his message to Judah and Jerusalem between 742 and 687 B.C., when the Northern Kingdom was conquered by Assyria and Judah lived uneasily in its shadow. Isaiah attacks social injustice which shows Israel’s weak adherence to God’s… Read More


IXTHYS – A Greek acronym signifying “Jesus Christ Son of God , Savior” also spelling out the Greekword for “fish.” Christians, obliged to keep under cover during thepreconversion Roman Empire, would thus use the iconography of a fish for the purpose of declaring themselves to other believers. IXTHYS. A Greek acronym signifying “Jesus (Zesous) Christ… Read More