Terminology - Glossary H

Term Definition

HYMNS OF THE ORDINARY – Hymns that do not change depending on the occasion being celebrated and thus constitute the fixed format of a given service (see All-Night Vigil, Divine Liturgy)


HYMNS OF THE PROPER – Hymns that change depending on the day of the week or day of the year, i. e., troparia, kontakia, hypakoe, stichera, gradual antiphons, kathisma hymns, kanons, exapostilaria, prokeimena, and others. In the practice of the Russian Church, Hymns of the Proper are for the most part performed “according to the… Read More


HYPAKOE – perhaps the most ancient title used by the Church to denote a piece of composed hymnography. In Greek this word means “to be obedient,” “to hear,” “to respond.” Presently, the Hypakoe is the particular title of a Troparion hymn sung during Resurrectional Matins. It varies according to the tone of the week from… Read More


HYPOSTASIS – A technical theological term for “person” or something which has an individual existence. The word is used to describe the three Persons of the Godhead: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Hypostasis is also used to describe the one Person of Christ, who is both truly divine and truly human.