Prayers of the Church - Troparia and Kontakia

Short hymns sung after the small entrance at Divine Liturgy. For Sundays the subject is the Holy Resurrection; a different hymn for each of the Eight Tones. Every feast has its particular hymn describing the event or the virtues of the saint. Also there are hymns giving in an abbreviated form the substance of the day’s feast. Originally, this was a hymn composed of many stanza (18-24) whose lengthy text required the use of a scroll. What remains today are short preliminary stanzas that give a concise meaning to the feast being celebrated. These hymns are also sung following the Sixth Ode in Matins, and during the Hours.

Prayer Read Time Hit Count
St. Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia (hymns) - 5731
St. John of Kronstadt, Wonderworker (hymns) 1 min 6253
St. Innocent, Enlightener of Alaska and All America (hymns) 1 min 5345
St. Sergius, abbot of Radonezh (hymns) 1 min 7022
Apostle and Evangelist John (hymns) 1 min 5615
St. Herman of Alaska (hymns) 1 min 7226
To Holy Apostles (hymns) - 6122
To All Saints (hymns) - 5763
To the Cross (hymns) - 5755
Pentecostarion (hymns) 6 mins 6590
Lenten Triodion (hymns) 7 mins 13163
Feasts of the Lord and the Theotokos (hymns) 5 mins 7973
Sunday Troparia and Kontakia (hymns form the Octoechos) 6 mins 11722