Salvation History - New life, Church History

New Life, Church History.

The Church’s history records the progress of Christ’s work throughout the course of the human experience.

History in Orthodoxy has a theological importance because of the incarnation of Jesus Christ, that just as God chose to become a physical, living, breathing human being, he also chooses to work in and through human history to bring about salvation. Thus, the Church’s history becomes a sacred history, not in the same sense as the Biblical history which forms the salvation story itself, but rather as a record of the continued effects of the salvation story in the experience of man.

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Modern Theological Developments 3 mins 3422 Timothy Ware ( Bishop Kallistos of Diokleia)
12th All-American Sobor (1965) 2 mins 2362 Alexis Liberovsky
13th All-American Sobor (1967) 1 min 2288 Alexis Liberovsky
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10th All-American Council (1992) 3 mins 2531 Alexis Liberovsky
11th All-American Council (1995) 3 mins 2426 Alexis Liberovsky
12th All-American Council (1999) 4 mins 2269 Alexis Liberovsky