Articles List: Worship

Articles on services and prayers.
This section of our website has a collection a collection of articles about services, prayers, and worship of the Orthodox Church.
Good starting points would be:

A Community of Prayer
Divine Services
Prayer – Orthodox Spirituality
The Sacraments

Article Read Time Hit Count Written by
The Curtain of the Temple 7 mins 4976 Fr. Dimitri Cozby
The Divine Liturgy 53 mins 10925 Fr. Seraphim Slobodskoy
The Feast of Palms 7 mins 11550 Fr. Paul Lazor
The Great Canon 3 mins 3597 Fr. Alexander Schmemann
The Liturgy – Holy Tradition 3 mins 4509 Fr. Thomas Hopko
The Paschal Service 8 mins 15173 Fr. Paul Lazor
The Psalter: (A Model and Means of Prayer) 4 mins 9594 Fr. John Ealy
The Transfiguration of Christ 6 mins 6202 Archbishop Dmitri of Dallas and the South
Thy Kingdom Come 5 mins 4608 Fr. Alexander Schmemann
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven 5 mins 6515 Fr. Alexander Schmemann
Tradition: The Canon of St. Andrew 4 mins 5773 Fr. Dennis Kristof
Vespers 11 mins 8237 Fr. Seraphim Slobodskoy
We are called by God to change 2 mins 4585 Fr. John Breck
Words and Music in Orthodox Liturgical Worship 18 mins 6437 Prof. David Drillock