Articles List: Saints and Icons

Articles on Saints and Icons
This section of our website, is a collection of articles about saints, their relics, or their icons. We hope to include articles, of special interest to our parish, on the saints who are depicted on our icons, or whose holy relics rest here. Articles on our feast day icons will be included here also.

Besides enhancing the beauty of our church, icons remind and instruct us in matters pertaining to the Christian faith. They can lift us up to the prototypes which they symbolize, to a higher level of thought and feeling, to help transform us and sanctify us. Icons can stimulate us to imitate the virtues of the holy personages depicted on them. They serve as a means of worship and veneration.

Good starting points would be:

The Saints – Holy Tradition

Article Read Time Hit Count Written by
Introduction to the Lives of the Saints 28 mins 5162 Ven. Justin Popovich
Isaac the Recluse of the Kiev Near Caves 2 mins 6612
Jacob of Alaska 12 mins 4992 OCA Website
John Kochurov 36 mins 5278 OCA website
Juvenal, Protomartyr of America 4 mins 4383 OCA Website
Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev 5 mins 6974
Nestor the Chronicler of the Kiev Caves 5 mins 8371
Nicholas of South Canaan 2 mins 3962
Nicolas Sviatosha of Chernigov 2 mins 4629
Orthodox Veneration of the Mother of God 62 mins 18420 St. John Maximovitch
Peter the Aleut 3 mins 4521 OCA Website
Philaret Metropolitan of Moscow 4 mins 6770
Protection of the Holy Virgin 6 mins 6767 (unknown)
Raphael of Brooklyn 17 mins 4281 OCA Website
Saint Romanus the Melodist 5 mins 5444 (unknown)
Saints of North America 2 mins 5083
Spiritual Beauty of Icons 4 mins 5011 Fr. Joseph Frawley
St. Alexander the Patriarch of Constantinople 2 mins 8005
The Cross 12 mins 4500
The Glorification of the Saints in the Orthodox Church 4 mins 4610 Fr. Joseph Frawley
The Human Icon 8 mins 5578 Fr. Thomas Hopko
The Saints – Holy Tradition 3 mins 8686 Fr. Thomas Hopko
The Theotokos 6 mins 4715 Archbishop Dmitri
Theodore the Silent of the Caves - 5735