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Joy of all the Sorrowful - Mays Landing, NJ (f. 1966)

Psalm 126 (Consecration of a Church)

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Psalm 126 (Consecration of a Church)

(Psalm 127 - Hebrew Numbering)

Except the Lord build the house, in vain do they labor that build it.
Except the Lord guard the city, in vain doth he watch that guardeth her; it is vain for you to rise at dawn.
Ye that eat the bread of sorrow, rouse yourselves after resting, when He hath given sleep to His beloved.
Lo, sons are the heritage of the Lord, the reward of the fruit of the womb.
Like arrows in the hand of a mighty man, so are the sons of them that were outcasts.
Blessed is he that shall fulfill his desires with them; they shall not be put to shame when they speak to their enemies in the gates.

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