Psalm 73 (Sixth Royal Hour, Theophany)

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Psalm 73 (Sixth Royal Hour, Theophany)

(Psalm 74 - Hebrew Numbering)

O God, why hast Thou cast us off unto the end?
Why hath Thine anger raged against the sheep of Thy pasture?
Remember Thy congregation which Thou hast purchased from the beginning.
Thou hast redeemed the rod of Thine inheritance, this Mount Zion wherein Thou hast dwelt.
Lift up Thy hands against their pride at the end, against the things which the enemy hath wickedly done in Thy holy place.
And they that hate Thee have boasted in the midst of Thy feast.
They set up their ensigns, yea, signs (though they knew it not) as it were for the departing on high.
As in a forest of trees, with axes they cut down the doors thereof together, with two-edged axe and mason?s hammer have they broken it down.
With fire have they burned down Thy sanctuary, they have profaned even unto the ground the habitation of Thy name.
They said in their heart, even the whole kindred of them together: Come, let us abolish all the feasts of God from the earth.
Our signs have we not seen; there is no more any prophet, and he will know us no more.
How long, O God, shall the enemy utter reproaches?
Shall the adversary provoke Thy name to the end?
Wherefore turnest away Thy hand, and Thy right hand out of the midst of Thy bosom for ever?
But God is our king before the ages, He hath wrought salvation in the midst of the earth.
Thou didst establish the sea by Thy might, Thou didst break the heads of the dragons in the water.
Thou didst crush the head of the dragon, Thou gavest him as food to the Ethiopian peoples.
Thou hast cloven fountains and torrents, Thou hast dried up the rivers of Etham.
Thine is the day and Thine is the night; Thou hast perfected the light and the sun.
Thou hast made all the borders of the earth; summer and spring hast Thou fashioned.
Be mindful of this Thy creation.
The enemy hath reproached the Lord, and a mindless people hath provoked Thy name.
O deliver not unto beasts the soul which doth confess Thee; of the souls of Thy paupers be not forgetful unto the end.
Look Thou upon Thy covenant, for the dark places of the earth are filled with the houses of iniquity.
Let not the humbled and shamed man be turned away; the beggar and the poor man shall praise Thy name.
Arise, O God, judge Thine own cause; remember the reproach made against Thee by the mindless man all the day long.
Forget not the voice of Thy suppliants; the pride of them that hate Thee ascendeth continually.

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