Psalm 62 (Matins, Six Psalms 3rd)

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Psalm 62 (Matins, Six Psalms 3rd)

(Psalm 63 - Hebrew Numbering)

O God, my God, unto Thee I rise early at dawn.
My soul hath thirsted for Thee; how often hath my flesh longed after Thee in a land barren and untrodden and unwatered.
So in the sanctuary have I appeared before Thee to see Thy power and Thy glory, For Thy mercy is better than lives; my lips shall praise Thee.
So shall I bless Thee in my life, and in Thy name will I lift up my hands.
As with marrow and fatness let my soul be filled, and with lips rejoicing shall my mouth praise Thee.
If I remembered Thee on my bed, at the dawn I meditated on Thee.
For Thou art become my helper; in the shelter of Thy wings will I rejoice.
My soul hath cleaved after Thee, Thy right hand hath been quick to help me.
But as for these, in vain have they sought after my soul; they shall go into the nethermost parts of the earth, they shall be surrendered unto the edge of the sword; portions for foxes shall they be.
But the king shall be glad in God, everyone shall be praised that sweareth by Him; for the mouth of them is stopped that speak unjust things.

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