Psalm 37 (Matins, Six Psalms 2nd)

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Psalm 37 (Matins, Six Psalms 2nd)

(Psalm 38 - Hebrew Numbering)

O Lord, rebuke me not in Thine anger, nor chasten me in Thy wrath.
For Thine arrows are fastened in me, and Thou hast laid Thy hand heavily upon me.
There is no healing in my flesh in the face of Thy wrath; and there is no peace in my bones in the face of my sins.
For mine iniquities are risen higher than my head; as a heavy burden have they pressed heavily upon me.
My bruises are become noisome and corrupt in the face of my folly.
I have been wretched and utterly bowed down until the end; all the day long I went with downcast face.
For my loins are filled with mockings, and there is no healing in my flesh.
I am afflicted and humbled exceedingly, I have roared from the groaning of my heart.
O Lord, before Thee is all my desire, and my groaning is not hid from Thee.
My heart is troubled, my strength hath failed me; and the light of mine eyes, even this is not with me.
My friends and my neighbors drew nigh over against me and stood, and my nearest of kin stood afar off.
And they that sought after my soul used violence; and they that sought evils for me spake vain things, and craftiness all the day long did they meditate.
But as for me, like a deaf man I heard them not, and was as a speechless man that openeth not his mouth.
And I became as a man that heareth not, and that hath in his mouth no reproofs.
For in Thee have I hoped, O Lord; Thou wilt hearken unto me, O Lord my God.
For I said: Let never mine enemies rejoice over me; yea, when my feet were shaken, those men spake boastful words against me.
For I am ready for scourges, and my sorrow is continually before me.
For I will declare mine iniquity, and I will take heed concerning my sin.
But mine enemies live and are made stronger than I, and they that hated me unjustly are multiplied.
They that render me evil for good slandered me, because I pursued goodness.
Forsake me not, O Lord my God, depart not from me.
Be attentive unto my help, O Lord of my salvation.

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