Psalm 5 (First Hour, First Royal Hour, Holy Friday, First Royal Hour, Nativity and Theophany)

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Psalm 5 (First Hour, First Royal Hour, Holy Friday, First Royal Hour, Nativity and Theophany)

Unto my words, give ear, O Lord; hear my cry.
Attend unto the voice of my supplication, O my King and my God; for unto Thee will I pray, O Lord.
In the morning Thou shalt hear my voice.
In the morning shall I stand before Thee, and Thou shalt look upon me; for not a God that willest iniquity art Thou.
He that worketh evil shall not dwell near Thee, nor shall transgressors abide before Thine eyes.
Thou hast hated all them that work iniquity; Thou shalt destroy all them that speak a lie.
A man that is bloody and deceitful shall the Lord abhor.
But as for me, in the multitude of Thy mercy shall I go into Thy house; I shall worship toward Thy holy temple in fear of Thee.
O Lord, guide me in the way of Thy righteousness; because of mine enemies, make straight my way before Thee.
For in their mouth there is no truth; their heart is vain.
Their throat is an open sepulchre, with their tongues have they spoken deceitfully; judge them, O God.
Let them fall down on account of their own devisings; according to the multitude of their ungodliness, cast them out, for they have embittered Thee, O Lord.
And let all them be glad that hope in Thee; they shall ever rejoice, and Thou shalt dwell among them.
And all shall glory in Thee that love Thy name, for Thou shalt bless the righteous.
O Lord, as with a shield of Thy good pleasure hast Thou crowned us.

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