Acts 25:13-19 (7th Thursday after Pascha)

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Acts 25:13-19 (7th Thursday after Pascha)

IN THOSE DAYS, when some days had passed, Agrippa the king and Berni'ce arrived at Caesare'a to welcome Festus.  And as they stayed there many days, Festus laid Paul's case before the king, saying, "There is a man left prisoner by Felix;  and when I was at Jerusalem, the chief priests and the elders of the Jews gave information about him, asking for sentence against him.  I answered them that it was not the custom of the Romans to give up any one before the accused met the accusers face to face, and had opportunity to make his defense concerning the charge laid against him.  When therefore they came together here, I made no delay, but on the next day took my seat on the tribunal and ordered the man to be brought in.  When the accusers stood up, they brought no charge in his case of such evils as I supposed;  but they had certain points of dispute with him about their own superstition and about one Jesus, who was dead, but whom Paul asserted to be alive. 

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