Psalms in Communion Hymns

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Psalms in Communion Hymns


Communion Hymn
Sunday Psalm 148:1
Monday; Holy Angels Psalm 103:5
Tuesday; The Forerunner; a Martyr Psalm 111:6
Wednesday; The Theotokos Psalm 115:13
Thursday; Apostle(s), St Nicholas Psalm 18:4
Friday; the Cross Psalm 4:7 or Psalm 73:13
Saturday; all Saints; the Departed Psalm 64:4; Psalm 101:12
Presanctified Liturgy Psalm 33:8
Feasts of the Theotokos Psalm 115:13
Feasts of the Bodiless Hosts Psalm 103:5
For Prophets, the Just and All Saints Psalm 32:1
For Apostles Psalm 18:4
For the Forerunner or Any Saint Psalm 111:6
For the Reposed Psalm 64:4; Psalm 101:12

Note: In addition, many Feasts have special communion hymns.


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