Schedule of Services

Schedule of Services

This section of our website lists the schedule of services.
( Other coming events are not listed here, they have there own section called Coming Events. )

Great Lent Services 2019

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Fasting for Presanctified Liturgy should begin after consumption of Lunch. Fasting through Great Lent should include abstaining from meat after Meatfare Sunday, and dairy products as well after Cheesefare Sunday. We may eat shellfish at any time, and fish with back bones on Annunciation, and the Entry into Jerusalem. Fasting for Holy Saturday should be a small dinner after that liturgy in preparation for the Pascha Vigil Service at 11:30PM. All of us should regularly participate in Confession (once every three to four weeks) especially during Great Lent in preparation for Pascha. To facilitate regular Confession, we will continue to celebrate a General Confession after Vespers on the first Saturday of each month.

Services of Great Lent 2019

  • February 17 (Sunday) 10AM Divine Liturgy, Sunday of the Publican and Pharasee (the beginning of the Lenten Triodian) A fast free week
  • February 23 (Saturday) Vespers 6:30 PM
  • February 24 (Sunday) 10AM Divine Liturgy
  • March 3 (Sunday) 10AM Divine Liturgy, Meatfare
  • March 10 10AM Divine Liturgy, Cheesefare Sunday Forgiveness Sunday
  • March 13 Wednesday  6:30 PM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts (St. Gregory) with potluck to follow
  • March 16 (Saturday) Vespers 6:30 PM
  • March 17 10AM Divine Liturgy,  Orthodoxy Sunday
  • March 23 (Saturday) Vespers 6:30PM
  • March 24 (Sunday) Divine Liturgy 10AM (Annunciation Celebration)
  • March 27 (Wednesday) 6:30PM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts (St. Gregory) with potluck to follow
  • March 30 (Saturday) Vespers 6:30 PM
  • March 31 10AM Divine Liturgy
  • April 6 (Saturday) Vespers 6:30PM
  • April 7, (Sunday) Divine Liturgy  Sunday of St. St. John Climacus,10AM,
  • April 10 (Wednesday) 6:30PM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts with potluck to follow
  • April 13 (Saturday) 6:30PM Vespers
  • April 14 (Sunday) Divine Liturgy Sunday, St. Mary of Egypt  
  • April 17 (Wednesday) 6:30PM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts with potluck to follow
  • April 20 (Saturday) Vespers 6:30PM
  • April 21 (Sunday) Divine Liturgy 10AM Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem,  
  • April 23(Tuesday) 6:30PM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts with potluck to follow
  • April 24 (Wednesday) 7PM Sacrament of Holy Unction – Healing Sacrament, open to all Orthodox Christians (no fasting required before)
  • April  26(Friday)  7PM Holy Friday Matins
  • April 27 (Saturday) 11:30PM Holy Pascha Vigil (Nocturns, Matins, Divine Liturgy),  

  There will be a light refreshment Coffee Hour after the Pascha Vigil in the Hall. You must stay for the entire service to participate. Don’t miss out          

Sunday Mornings

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Sunday Mornings

(9:30 AM - Church School is before Liturgy during school year, except first Sunday of each month)

Private Confession – Half hour before any service

9:40 AM - Hours

(9:45 AM - General Confession on the first Sunday of each month, except during Great Lent)

10:00 AM - Divine Liturgy  - Holy Communion is offered to those baptized Orthodox Christians who have prepared themselves for the reception of the Sacrament by prayer and fasting. Blessed Bread is available for all our visitors at the very end of the Divine Liturgy.

(Coffee Hour after Sunday Liturgy)

Vespers Service

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Vespersv - Saturday, 6:30pm

 Saturday Vespers will be served as 6:30 pm.



Pannikhida Services

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Pannikhida Services

The Church Council asks that all Pannikhida Services be restricted to the 3rd Sunday of each month.  The Pannikhida, if requested, will be celebrated right after the Liturgy and before Coffee Hour. 


From ancient times it has been an established custom to remember the dead on the 3rd, 9th 40th day after their repose. The parish will still respect this tradition, but for the anniversary of death or for the name day of our deceased loved ones, etc.,we would like to have this service monthly on the same Sunday.

(Arrangements can be made through Father)


(see also the article: Prayers for the Dead: Pannikhida)

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