2017 Tree Decoration

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On Sunday, December 3, 2017, the children of our parish helped decorate our Christmas tree in the community room.Tree2017 0011

If anyone would like to share photos taken that day, please email them to us and we will start a gallery on this page. Thanks.

 Click on any image below to load our photo viewer.

Tree2017_0001.JPG Tree2017_0002.JPG Tree2017_0003.JPG

Tree2017_0004.JPG Tree2017_0005.JPG Tree2017_0006.JPG

Tree2017_0007.JPG Tree2017_0008.JPG Tree2017_0009.JPG

Tree2017_0010.JPG Tree2017_0011.JPG Tree2017_0012.JPG

Tree2017_0013.JPG Tree2017_0020.JPG Tree2017_0021.JPG


Orthodox Church of the Mother of God. Mays Landing, NJ 08330

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