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Joy of all the Sorrowful - Mays Landing, NJ (f. 1966)


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Rule of Prayer - Many rules of prayer have developed in the history of the Church. At no place or time has there been a uniform rule. In 19th Century Russia, for example, the rule varied considerably from one monastery to another, though certain basic elements were found in all of them. Therefore, the term "Rule of Prayer"  should never be understood as a strait jacket, regulating and limiting our communion with God.
What the Rules do teach us is the importance of regularity in our life of prayer. It is better to say a few prayers every day without fail than to say a great number of prayers on an irregular, impulsive basis. Those  who are fortunate enough to have a spiritual father should consult him before establishing a Rule. Those who do not, should begin with a modest Rule, increasing it only when it has become a regular and integral part their lives.

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