Information and Technology

We are looking for was to use information processing, technology, and communications in our ministries. This includes Sunday Bulletins, the website, and document and contact management.

New Look and Feel

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New Look and Feel

 Why a new website?

It's the same information, hosted in the same place, just presented with up to date software.

The way people look at our websites has changed, so the way we present the information needed to be changed. The biggest change to our site is that it is that we now try to fit your screen.  If you have a wide screen PC, a narrow screen hand held device, or any width in between, our site will be just as easy to use. In fact, if you change the width of your browser as you read this, you will see the information try to fit the new space.

The new software also will let us give more folks permission to maintain different parts of the website so that we can have different folks update different parts.


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