Speaking the Truth in Love

Compelling Commentary on Christian Belief and Behavior - Teaching and reflections by Fr. Thomas Hopko
Speaking the Truth in Love
  1. Re-Marriage in the Orthodox Church
    In light of the debate in the Roman Catholic Church about divorce and re-marriage, Fr. Tom offers the Orthodox view of this topic as well as an explanation of the fundamental difference in how marriage is viewed in Orthodoxy. We are so happy to have Fr.Tom back recording podcasts. Please continue to pray for him.
  2. Bishops - Part 57: Anton Chekhov
    Today Fr. Tom speaks about the famous author Anton Chekhov from 19th-century Russia.
  3. Bishops - Part 56: St. Philaret of Moscow
    One of the most influential and revered figures of 19th-century Orthodox Russia was St. Philaret of Moscow. Fr. Tom also speaks about Leo Tolstoy.
  4. Bishops - Part 55: 19th Century Clergy in Russia
    In his continuing series on bishops and Church organization, Fr. Thomas speaks about various clergy figures from that time. He references the book My Life's Journey: The Memories of Metropolitan Evlogy.
  5. Relax, God is in Control - Final Thoughts
    Fr. Thomas Hopko takes one last look at the phrase "Relax, God is in Control" and provides information on additional material he has written and spoke about regarding this general topic. Here is the list: Abba: The Tradition of Orthodoxy in the West by Met. Kallistos Ware And from his Speaking the Truth in Love series: Pain and Suffering The Wrath of God The Wrath of God - Part 2 Anger and Wrath in Human Life On Sadness and Grief in Christian Life Theological Reflections on Calamity Does God Play Favorites? Predestination, Providence, and Prayer Understanding Evil - 9/11 Remembered God and the World Sandy Hook God and Death
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