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Joy of all the Sorrowful - Mays Landing, NJ (f. 1966)

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The Orthodox Christian Network is the premier multi-media site for Orthodoxy in the English-speaking world. OCN offers a variety of podcasts from Orthodox contributors on topics such as understanding the Church fathers, topical issues of the day, liturgics, Orthodox Bible studies, Orthodox understanding of Prophecy, and much more.
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  1. ‘Do not turn away your face’ (sung by Matthaios Tsamkiranis)
    In Great Lent, the Orthodox Church, through its long, penitential services, seeks the mystical experience and approach of the Passion and the Resurrection. With this in mind, the hymns of this period are of an appropriate content, and present the events of our salvation to us the faithful. The joyful sorrow of Great Lent is […]

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  2. Miracles, Faith and Discernment
    Are you missing what God is doing in your life?  Listen now to the final installment of our conversation on being a Christian. Today our discussion with Fr. Demetrios Tonias focuses on faith and true discernment of the every day miracles God is doing in our lives and the lives of those around us. Father […]

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  3. ‘To you victorious leader of triumphant hosts’, ancient melody, 4th plagial tone (former Protopsaltis Archon Leonidas Asteris)
    The Akathistos Hymn occupies an important in the reverential period of Great Lent and is one of the most popular and well-known hymns, both in terms of its melody and poetry. Its inclusion in the Triodio can be explained by the fact that the content is linked to the joyful message of the Annunciation, which […]

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  4. The katavasies for ‘I will open my mouth’ – Iordanis Koutsimanis
    As a living continuum of tradition, Byzantine music occupies an important position in the musical past of Veria. Today, gifted singers continue this musical tradition, which is perfectly attuned to the architectural and iconographic decoration of the Byzantine churches of the town. Iordanis Koutsimanis, the Protopsaltis of the church of Saint Anthony in Veria, follows […]

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  5. Is It Okay to Make Mistakes? (Part 2): Family Insights Podcast Series
    Today join us as they continue to talk about how we all make mistakes and how struggles can be good.  Together these counselors will walk you through the important topics so that you can gain insight into your family. Need more resources?  Do not give up, strengthen your Toolbox with these: One Good Thought, St. Patrick and Practice […]

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