Orthodox Church of the Mother of God

Joy of all the Sorrowful - Mays Landing, NJ (f. 1966)

Recent Special Programs from Ancient Faith Radio

The 25 most recent special programs published by Ancient Faith Radio
  1. Divine Liturgy - March 26, 2017
  2. Part IV: Navigating the Healing Process
  3. Part III: How the Past affects the Present and knowing when it is important
  4. Part II: Removing the emotional roadblocks so that we can grow spiritually and love more fully
  5. Part I: Healing as Holy and God pleasing work
  6. Members One of Another
    Archimandrite Gerasim
  7. Attributes of a “Great” Parish Family!
    V. Rev. Anthony Karbo
  8. Divine Liturgy - March 12, 2017
    Christ the Savior (OCA) - Chicago.
  9. The Canonical Tradition of the Orthodox Church
    Lecture 3B80: Many people, even some Orthodox, misconceive the canons as ecclesiastical law. This lecture shows what the canons actually are and how the bishops with the faithful can develop a canonical consciousness within the canonical tradition of the Church in order to address contemporary issues.
  10. Bearing Shame and the End of Morality
    Fr. Stephen Freeman
  11. Divine Patterns in St. Gregory of Nyssa’s Life of Moses
    Jonathan Pageau
  12. Poetry Reading
    Richard Pierce
  13. God Caught Me in His Threads
    Ariane Trifunovic Montemuro
  14. Encountering God through Synergy
    David Bradshaw
  15. Orthodoxy and the Three Wisdoms of the World
    Sam Granger
  16. Encountering God in Brokenness
    Molly Sabourin
  17. Who is My Neighbor?
    Fr. Moses Berry
  18. The Voice Beside the Swing Set
    Kh. Frederica Mathewes-Green
  19. The Entrance into the Holy Place
    Fr. Stephen Freeman
  20. Poetry and Dessert
    Richard Pierce
  21. Encountering God in Story and Image
    Jonathan Pageau
  22. Positioning for the Encounter: Preparing Ourselves to Experience God Everywhere and Always
    Fr. Alexis Kouri
  23. Divine Liturgy - March 5, 2017
    Christ the Savior (OCA) in Chicago.
  24. Gender and Sexuality
    Lecture 3B79: Rarely in recent times has there been so much upheaval (especially in the west) concerning sexual mores and human relationships. This lecture attempts to steer Orthodox Christians through these difficult and troubled waters.
  25. Divine Liturgy - Feb. 26, 2017

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1966 - 2016

We are celebrating our fiftieth year as a parish in Mays Landing, New Jersey


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