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Recent Podcast Episodes from Ancient Faith Radio

The 25 most recent podcast episodes on Ancient Faith Radio
  1. Family Matters: Early Childhood Development
    Fr. Alex Goussetis speaks with Melissa Tsongranis. Educated and trained in child development, Melissa shares insights on how families and parishes can cultivate a strong spiritual foundation in young children.
  2. Come and See: Mercy, Love, Life and Grace
    On the Sunday when in Britain we remember those killed annd brutalised in war we look to see what God's Kingdom is like.
  3. A Voice From The Isles: The Golden Example
    Fr. Gregory Hallam begins with the children then Fr. Emmanuel Kahn gives the sermon and says St. John Chrysostom reminds us that if we wish to sit with Christ in heaven after we die, we need to prepare ourselves by first walking with Him on earth.
  4. The 153: God is Big— And the Pigs
    Fr. Joseph—and the children of St John, Rapid City, South Dakota—give sound effects to the story of the healing of the demon possessed man.
  5. All Saints Homilies: It’s A Lovely Day in the Neighborhood
    "Neighbor" is not a matter of being, but of doing. Fr. Pat reflects on this in today's homily from Luke 10 about the Good Samaritan.
  6. Search the Scriptures: Special Lesson On Corrupt Clergy: Part 7
    Dr. Constantinou talks about what will happen to a clergyman who is corrupt, and what if he repents of his sins?
  7. Faith Encouraged Daily: A Violent Salvation
  8. Under the Grapevine: Let There Be Light
    Let There Be Light, by Alisa Rakich Brooks, illustrated by R.E. Bursik (Sebastian Press, 2016) Available at Sebastian Press.

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