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Joy of all the Sorrowful - Mays Landing, NJ (f. 1966)

Recent Podcast Episodes from Ancient Faith Radio

The 25 most recent podcast episodes on Ancient Faith Radio
  1. Let Us Attend: August 27, 2017: Matthew 19:16-26, Told for Younger Children
  2. Faith Encouraged Daily: Crazy!
  3. Let Us Attend: August 27, 2017: Matthew 19:16-26, Read for Older Children
  4. Go Forth: Charlottesville - Part 1
    Adam speaks with Fr. Justin Mathews, Executive Director of Reconciliation Services in Kansas City about the recent events in Charlottesville. Are we looking at these events through the lens of Orthodox Christianity? Also, Fr. Justin closes with important information about the Brotherhood of St. Moses The Black and an upcoming conference in October. Learn more at www.mosestheblack.org.
  5. Life of the Church Today: A Farewell to Arms
    Fr. Steven believes that practicing and proclaiming the Orthodox faith itself is the answer to our current societal unrest.
  6. Faith Encouraged Daily: We Don’t Lose Heart!
  7. A Lamp for Today: Samuel the Prophet: Messenger of Justice and Forgiveness
    Our readings for the eleventh Sunday of Matthew (1 Corinthians 9:1-12, Matthew 18:23-25) happily correspond this year with our remembrance of the Holy Prophet and last of the Judges of Israel, Samuel. Parts of his story in 1 Samuel/Kingdoms 12 and 28, plus words about him in Psalm 98 (LXX)/99 and Sirach 46, help us understand more deeply God’s character of justice and forgiveness, exemplified in the prophet. We, too, are called to this pattern as we respond to the problems of our day, including the social unrest and violence of this week.
  8. Lord, Send Me: Concerning Charlottesville and Related Disasters
    What does the Orthodox Church have to say about Charlottesville? In the vocabulary of the day, nothing. In the language of the redemption of mankind: the Good News of Redemption found alone in Jesus Christ, and a life committed to imitation of his Royal way. The greatest mistake any human person can make, in this situation or any other, is to think that human means and ways will solve the tragedies and disasters of the fallen world. The solution must come from outside us, above us. Salvation is not found in killing our neighbor or our enemy. Salvation is found is seeing the Lord Jesus Christ in neighbor and in blessing our enemy, both. So if you wish to be saved, and if you want to make “a positive change in the world,” look neither to the Left, nor to the Right. Look up to Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the World.

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