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  1. The Assembly of Bishops Launches Mental Health Needs Assessment Survey
    The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the USA asks all Orthodox Christian clergy and faithful to participate in a Mental Health Needs Assessment Survey.
  2. Attention Youth! Meet Your Bishop at Regional Townhalls
  3. Statement of the Executive Committee on the Proposed Equality Act
    We are deeply concerned about the proposed federal “Equality Act,” which would erode religious liberty for both individuals and organizations, including Orthodox Christian jurisdictions, parishes, and faithful. The supporters of this Act, in their desire to promote equality, ultimately infringe upon the religious liberty of Americans to live according to their faith – a right protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
  4. Prayer for the Youth
    Formulated by the Committee for Liturgy and approved by the Executive Committee, the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America is proud to release its Prayer for the Youth. The Prayer for the Youth is intended for use in various instances and services, especially this year, the Year of the Youth.
  5. Sunday of Orthodoxy 2021 - Recitation of the Synodkion of the 7th Ecumenical Council
    The Executive Committee of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America recite the Synodikon of the 7th Ecumenical Council for the occasion of the Sunday of Orthodoxy.
  6. Hunger & the Public Good: Restoring the World by Living the Faith
    This three part Lenten webinar series explores Orthodox Christian perspectives on the intersections between Hunger and the Environment, Hunger and Racial Equity, and Hunger and Homelessness. In dialogue with members of Bread for the World, Orthodox Christians will share how the spiritual practices of fasting, prayer, and engagement can help us overcome societal shortcomings in these three timely issues.

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