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Doctrine Matters
  1. How COVID-19 Led to a Spiritual Pandemic
    As the Orthodox Church struggles to get back to normal in the wake of COVID-19, there is emerging a growing climate of division that threatens to engulf us long after the pandemic has subsided.

    An Ancient Faith Blog

  2. Review: “A Spiritual Revolution” by Andrey V. Ivanov
    Many converted to Orthodoxy from Western confessions. Some may wonder what of their past faith needs to be rethought and what they should retain. The good news is Orthodox engagement with nearly all contemporary Western teachings and trends can be found in this period.

    An Ancient Faith

  3. Modern Biblical Studies Meets Eastern Orthodoxy: A Personal Defense of Historical Scholarship
    If we dismiss this scholarly work as unnecessary—perhaps on the erroneous assumption that the Bible can just “speak for itself” or that we can approach “the plain meaning of Scripture”—then by default we will unconsciously read Scripture in light of our own tradition.

    An Ancient

  4. The Inverse Pyramid: A Comparison of Secular and Ecclesial Hierarchy
    As Christ offered himself up for the salvation of the world, the clergyman must likewise sacrifice himself daily for those entrusted to his care—both his parishioners and those potential servants of God in the greater community.

    An Ancient Faith Blog

  5. To Speak of Thy Mystery: Communing Amid COVID-19
    The past couple months have seen a frenzy of articles in Orthodox circles online that all seem to be asking this one question: Can you get a virus by receiving the Eucharist?

    An Ancient Faith Blog

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