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Joy of all the Sorrowful - Mays Landing, NJ (f. 1966)


A blog from the Orthodox Church in America's Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries
  1. Remembering the Beauty in the Grunge
    Chris Cornell died last week, and his music will live on for a long time. His fans, who admired his creative genius and amazing vocal range, will feel a sense of loss and disappointment. And like other musicians and artists before him whose lives have been tragically cut short by suicide, he will be mourned […]
  2. Fear, Faith, and Love
     Do Not Be Afraid by Andrew Boyd  God and The Tiger by Fr. John Cox  Faith in a Faithless Generation? an interview with Catherine Addington  What Does Love Look Like?  by Fr. Sergius Halvorsen  
  3. God and the Tiger
    By Fr. John Cox Tiger tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night what immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry? -William Blake You are on a mission. You are deep in the mountainous forests of the Annapurna Conservation Area in northern Nepal. You are here to photograph the elusive and majestic […]
  4. What Does Love Look Like?
    By Fr. Sergius Halvorsen Today we are practically drowning in images of so-called “love.” Attractive, athletic men and women, dressed in the latest styles, seductively enjoying each other’s company on the deck of sleek yacht, on a tropical beach, or at a snowy mountain resort. Images like these are everywhere, and the not-so-subtle theme is […]
  5. Faith in a Faithless Generation?
    Thinking on the theme “Fear, Faith, and Love” we reached out to Catherine Addington, an Orthodox Christian and senior at New York University to speak about Faith in the Campus setting: Wonder: What does a life of faith (specifically, our faith as expressed in The Creed, Holy Tradition, and Scripture) look like to you? Catherine: […]

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1966 - 2016

We are celebrating our fiftieth year as a parish in Mays Landing, New Jersey


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