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Joy of all the Sorrowful - Mays Landing, NJ (f. 1966)

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  1. The Good Samaritan, by Patriarch Narses Snorhali

    The Good Samaritan

    Written by Armenian Patriarch Narses Snorhali (1102-1173).

    From Jerusalem, our Paradise, guilty like Adam
    I went down to vile Jericho,
    And fell into the hands of the Brigand.

    They stripped me of light;
    They covered my soul with sores of sin;
    They did not depart leaving me half dead;
    But after death, the waged war on me again.

    And Moses the Levite and Aaron the ancient Priest…
    And the prophets of the Old Law
    Saw the sores of my

  2. The Benedict Option and Retreating from Politics

    I haven’t done much writing about “The Benedict Option” by my friend Rod Dreher, but this image gave me some things to think about. It’s the cover of the French edition of “The Benedict Option,” which comes out in September, and it’s better than the original cover, isn’t it? It expresses the central concept better than the original cover did, though that is admittedly a beautiful photo. The original cover shows Mt St Michel, literally a monastery on a hill, so is it any wonder people think that’s what the book

  3. How to Revive a "Dead" Church

    Here’s something I hear from time to time: “I’d like to join the Orthodox Church, but I visited a local church and it just felt dead.”

    When I hear this it’s about Orthodox churches, but that needn’t be the case. It could be any church or denomination; it might sound good on paper, but the local church on Sunday morning feels empty and drained.

    It’s tempting to say, “That shouldn’t make any difference. Focus on your own prayer life.” But, actually, I know what these people mean. Sometimes,

  4. Why It's Hard to Accept God's Forgiveness
    My daughter-in-law, Khouria Jocelyn Mathewes, has a good column today on repentance, as we head into Great Lent. She makes a point about accepting forgiveness for past sins (not the ones that continue in the present, but completed deeds in the past.) She reminds us that we must accept forgiveness and move on, and not keep revisiting them and “beating yourself up.”

    I think that, when
  5. We Call Ourselves "Pro-Life"

    Here is why abortion is the most important justice issue of our time.

    1. It is wrong to discriminate, and worse to persecute, still worse to imprison, even worse to torture, and worst of all to kill.

    Abortion kills.

    2. It is wrong to kill violent adults, if they can be stopped any other way. It is worse to kill non-violent adults. It is even worse to kill children.

    Abortion kills children.

    3. In 2011, there were 908 child fatalities from car accidents. There weere 1620 child fatalities from abuse and neglect. And there were


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