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Joy of all the Sorrowful - Mays Landing, NJ (f. 1966)

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Orthodox Reflections by Father Lawrence
  1. A Lateral Move
    For some time now this blog has been a virtual duplicate of my main blog No Other Foundation, found at:  blogs.ancientfaith.com/nootherfoundation/ .  I have already written here (on September 13) how wonderful simplicity is and how therefore I was disabling the comments section of this blog so that a single conversation could be held on the other one.  Now the time has come to invite all and anyone who...
  2. A Brief Word about Eternal Punishment
              A very thoughtful person recently commented on my blog about how he would like to see me engage in greater depth the question of how one should translate the phrase κολασιν αιωνιον/ kolasin aionion in Matthew 25:46, which Dr. Hart renders as “the chastisement of that Age” and which pretty much everyone else renders as “eternal punishment” (thus, for example, the
  3. Hart's "The New Testament: a Translation"
    David Bentley Hart’s The New Testament: a Translation has come to a
  4. The Deep Melancholy of David Bentley Hart
  5. The Waters of Marah
    North American popular culture, as brought into your home and heart by the North American media, is a very

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