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Joy of all the Sorrowful - Mays Landing, NJ (f. 1966)

Straight from the Heart

Orthodox Reflections by Father Lawrence
  1. Commentary on the Divine Liturgy: the Great Litany
               In the Divine Liturgy, after the initial doxology in which the celebrant blesses the Kingdom of God and blesses with the sign of the Cross the altar table and its antimension before using it, the assembled Church next prays the Great Litany.  This represents the intercessory prayers of the royal priesthood, wherein the Church prays for the whole world in the Name of Jesus, standing in the gap and lifting up the whole needy
  2. What Good is the Holy Fire?
    The so-called “Holy Fire” is the name given to the fire that appears on ends of the candles of the Patriarch of Jerusalem and others every Holy Saturday.  The
  3. Part Two: Of Homosexual Christians and their Struggle
    In a recent blog piece I looked at the issue of gay Orthodox Christians who embraced and celebrated their homosexuality and who were sexually active and who received Holy Communion in Orthodox churches.  In this piece I would like to look at the issue of homosexual Orthodox Christians who embrace the teaching of their Church that homosexual desires are disordered and who struggle against giving in to those desires through sexual activity.  I will
  4. Sanfilippo’s “Conjugal Friendship”
    Recently the Public Orthodoxy site has published a piece by Giacomo Sanfilippo under the title “
  5. Part One: Of Gay Sex and Leaven
    What does the Orthodox Church think about gay sex?  The official answer is not hard to find.  The Orthodox Church has always condemned gay sex as sinful and as something therefore not allowed to Christians.  The case of gay sex is not much different from that of fornication (i.e. illicit “straight” sex)—fornication has also been condemned as sinful and is also not allowed to Christians.  If a Christian man is a

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