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Readings for 11/2019



Readings for November, 2019

20th Friday after Pentecost.
7th Friday of Luke

20th Saturday after Pentecost.
7th Saturday of Luke

20th Sunday after Pentecost
7th Sunday of Luke

21st Monday after Pentecost.
8th Monday of Luke

21st Tuesday after Pentecost.
8th Tuesday of Luke

21st Wednesday after Pentecost.
8th Wednesday of Luke

21st Thursday after Pentecost.
8th Thursday of Luke

21st Friday after Pentecost.
8th Friday of Luke

21st Saturday after Pentecost.
8th Saturday of Luke

21st Sunday after Pentecost
8th Sunday of Luke

22nd Monday after Pentecost.
9th Monday of Luke

22nd Tuesday after Pentecost.
9th Tuesday of Luke

22nd Wednesday after Pentecost.
9th Wednesday of Luke

22nd Thursday after Pentecost.
9th Thursday of Luke

22nd Friday after Pentecost.
9th Friday of Luke

22nd Saturday after Pentecost.
9th Saturday of Luke

22nd Sunday after Pentecost
9th Sunday of Luke

23rd Monday after Pentecost.
10th Monday of Luke

23rd Tuesday after Pentecost.
10th Tuesday of Luke

23rd Wednesday after Pentecost.
10th Wednesday of Luke

Great Feast day: Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple
23rd Thursday after Pentecost.
10th Thursday of Luke

23rd Friday after Pentecost.
10th Friday of Luke

23rd Saturday after Pentecost.
10th Saturday of Luke

23rd Sunday after Pentecost
10th Sunday of Luke

24th Monday after Pentecost.
11th Monday of Luke

24th Tuesday after Pentecost.
11th Tuesday of Luke

24th Wednesday after Pentecost.
11th Wednesday of Luke

24th Thursday after Pentecost.
11th Thursday of Luke

24th Friday after Pentecost.
11th Friday of Luke

24th Saturday after Pentecost.
11th Saturday of Luke


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